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Originally Posted by Ripler View Post
I have yet to take my new boat out yet. Hopefully if the weather holds up this weekend I can start to break it in. This is my first V-drive boat and the dealership winterized last year after I bought it. Since I'm new to this is there anything I need to do before I take it out for the first time? Would they have done anything during the winterization that I would need to change to use the boat? Would there be any reason I should call my dealer to ask these questions?
Read the work order from last year- does it include Summerization? Does it indicate what would be done if they did it? Did they change the oil, impeller, disconnect or remove the battery?

I would call and ask for the price and steps for Summerization at that place, especially if that was the first time you used them. Some may skip steps in Fall so they can move more boats through the shop.
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