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Originally Posted by gwozhog View Post
Not sure why you are face palming me considering the fact that Mastercraft has made a Parks edition XStar in the past. I would say it’s a very safe bet to assume Parks had quite a bit of input in the redesigned Xstar wakeboard wake.
Parks had zero influence on the hull validation process for the new XStar.

Originally Posted by Tookeymonster View Post
The x22 and x24 are defiantly G-killers. My buddy that loves his G23 was super shocked in how much more push and how much bigger/longer the push pocket was on my x22 as well as more adjustability in wave. He said the only killer for him was no true walk through transom. He is short and needs a step stool LOL! He also like how much easier it was to steer and loved the lack of exhaust fumes of the GDI motor. I'm 245 lbs and can definitely tell how much push the G23 looses at the back compared to the x22.

My other buddy wants to sell his 2017 Ri237 and get an x22 or 24 now after riding my x22. He just doesn't want to be stuck without a boat for this summer.

As for the Xstar I will say it can make a much taller wave than the G23 but I only have one day on a new gen Xstar and didn't ask the owner to play with the settings, just took the wave I got and was massive. We did have 12 adults in the boat too.
Ya, sorry. I was only meaning from the standpoint of wakeboarding.....

The XStar is easily a better surf boat than the G series.... including the paragon. I did at least find the paragon better than the Base G, but still not a stand-out surf wave compared to a lot of the competition.
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