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Originally Posted by TRBenj View Post
Oh I understand what theyre saying, and I agree about the precision at ski speeds being king. If a compromise needs to be made at either extreme (high vs. low speed), and this change effects all of the Airguides that Dean makes, my point is that those of us who can run higher speeds probably care about that more than the 0-5mph range. Heck, I run about 5mph while in gear, at idle... and the Airguides aren't accurate that slow anyways.
Guys. The speedometer can be calibrated to give you the low end or the high end.

If you choose the high end the needle will settle at 5 mph. So you have a couple mph and maybe a post that the needle will not settle at. This is a visual difference in my opinion. Will you be bothered that your needle is not settling at the bottom of the scale when your boat is stopped?

If you choose the low end of course the opposite is true. Needle settles at the bottom of the scale but can not quite reach 50 mph.

Each speedometer has to be calibrated to its dial scale.
You will have the choice of top or bottom of the scale accuracy. I think it is an aesthetic issue when your boat is stopped an accuracy issue at the top of the 50 mph scale.

Other higher speed speedometers will get a different calibration. I haven't tried yet but an 80 mph model 2025 might have to start at 5 or 10 to reach the full 80 mph (I am guessing here) the scale is very close to the 3 to 50 mph scale. Assume the calibration has to start at 10 to reach the full 80 mph. You would have the same issue. Do I start at 10 and my needle doesn't go to the bottom of the scale or start at 5 and come up slightly short at the top end?
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