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Originally Posted by Thrall
Haven't seen any of the Apex machines out, but have ridden w/ a couple RX-1's and a TRX once.
My piped 800 RMK handed a RX-1 MTN his a$$ in a straight drag race, and it was a 40 deg day where I couldn't ride 1/2 mi w/o putting the scratchers down.
Turbo, though, look out! The TRX I ran w/ was mild boost 8-9 psi I believe. He said it was pushing close to 200 hp and I believe it. The TRX was carrying 60-65mph trackspeed where I was gettin 40-45mph tops.
I wouldn't hesitate to buy a new Apex if I had the money to spend. Especially for back east ridin.
I've also seen some Turbo'd sleds just puke their way to the finish line. There is an awful lot of stress on those engines, especially when these guys think they can beat the cr*p out of them without touching the engine and hit the boost to 12. I've seen some guys advertise their kits as stock engine with 200+hp by just adding the kit. Little do they know just how many engines they had to change to be able to say thay.
The last race event I was at about two weeks ago, the turbo's RX1 came in FAR last place of a 4 sled race. F7, then a custom modified something I could not tell, then another F7, then the turbo'd Yami. It was open mod 800 class I believe.
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