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Well, I finally tackled this on my 02 Star. First, thanks to JeffD for his work in documenting the process and second, thanks to the additional contributors.

I'll see if I can add any value to this thread.
I went with Faria gauges that came with the GPS speedo. The GPS speedo requires a constant 12v and a switched 12v. Coming out of the MMDC 24 pin connector, there is a red and a red with black stripe. The red is switched and the the red with black stripe is where I picked up the constant 12v. I picked up the grey wire for the tach off of the PerfectPass. There was enough wire stuffed behind the kick panel that I was able to pull it through and tap in to the wire. I did have to install an new temp sending unit and run a dedicated wire, the analog gauges will not work with the two wire sending unit found on our motors.

Only thing left for me is a new fuel sending unit and then it will be complete.
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