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Originally Posted by bcd View Post
Sorry to get this thread off topic, and I don't want to get into a which boat brand is better argument (I've owned 2 MCs and no other inboards), but there are a lot of things that bother me with that statment:

1. You shouldn't make an arguement for MC by saying that Mabilu will have the same kind of problems. It should be that MC will fix their issues.

2. I don't see 2012 Medallion issues anywhere on, mainly issues in 09 with monitors going blank.

3. 2012 MC issues are software, which is boat brand specific, not hardware. MC as the OEM is responsible for testing thier software to make sure all of the bugs have been worked out.

4. One of the my bigger complaints about the system is the inability to add aftermarket ballast (w/o PnP), which has nothing to do with Medallion.
I am not sure about 2012 specifically. Although Malivue has been the same system for a few years now. I think they finally worked all of the bugs out of it. It is probably a very good thing that they didnt change it!!

If you had been active on TMC between 2009 and 2011, you would have seen that they had as many issues, if not more than what 2012 MCs had. Heck, a ton of malibus wouldnt even start because of that system. MCs problems were different, but at least the boat would run.....

As for your #3 statement- MC gave certain criteria for a working system. Sure, the whole PnP deal sucks, but its not like you can do that easily in any other wakeboat. It was medallions responsibility to develop a working system for MasterCraft. They failed. I do believe that MC is at fault as well..... They knew that Murphy systems worked better for years now, but they chose to stay with Medallion because the Medallion proposal was cheaper than Murphy. Because of that, MC gave the contract to Medallion. They learned the lesson a bit late.
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