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Originally Posted by FourFourty View Post
I don't disagree with that.

I was merely trying to point out that the system that MC requested, was not the system they recieved. And I was also trying to point out that MC was not the only boat company that had this problem...... They should have tested the system more, or they should have just went with a more reputeable company. That is where MC failed.

When you rely on a vendor to supply a product, you are taking a risk. You are counting on that vendor to supply you with what you ask for. If they fail to do so, it is your responsability to take care of the party that you supply the completed product to. I agree with that 100%. However, that doesn't mean that medallion doesnt suck. There is only so much that MC could have done to mitigate that risk. MC doesn't have,(nor any other boat company) the internal resources to R&D these systems. Hell, if they did, they would design them themselves.

And MC did take care of these customers. I am one of them, and they treated me VERY fairly. They did everything they could to help me, and that is the bottom line.
That is why you put out specs and get prototypes back for evaluation. Plenty of companies that can make custom sensors and control units. It's not exactly rocket science anymore. You allow time in your product development cycle to do these things. Medallion Instrumentation Systems did the VDIG and that seemed to work fine. They also did the 2010 BIG which worked just fine. I still wonder why the 2012 software controls remain unresolved.
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