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Originally Posted by oshkarmeyer View Post
I am still having an issue (since last July) with my 2001 Prostar 205V (5.7 Indmar) sputtering and shutting down around ~3,000 rpm. Once it's warmed up it will backfire up through the throttle body, like a lean pop, and shut down.

I can run full throttle down the river for an hour, or idle at 5 mph for an hour and it won't act up.

But if you get in that sweet spot it will act up repeatedly, usually after a minute or two of starting up and going again.

So far I've put in new batteries, new battery cable ends, plugs, wires, rotor, distributor cap, ignition coil, pickup coil, injectors, fuel lines, fuel pump assembly, fuel pump (Airtek), checked red cutoff lanyard, had alternator rebuilt (it ended up not putting out correct voltage). My mechanic hooked up his laptop while I ran it down the river to check fuel pressure and all sensors. All checked great, 32 psi and all sensors were fine.

At this point the mechanic is thinking the ECM is needing replaced. He thinks the ECM is telling the injectors that the engine is at idle and that causes the injectors to shut down in an instant. He's willing to charge me the cost price for the ECM (~$700). I think he's ready to get the boat out of his shop!

If you guys have any other ideas I would love to hear them before I have to buy this ECM.

I'd also be more than willing to chat with someone on the phone instead, cell phone is 319-850-2826.

Thanks very much.
Send the ECM to Indmar to have it checked before replacing it. There's no reason to replace it and I would bet that you'll have the same problems if you do replace it.

Has anyone verified base timing and the IC module? This can't be checked using a computer, just a timing light, multi-meter and some tools.
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