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Old 05-28-2021, 11:31 AM
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Wanted to share because I'm excited

Last August I bought a 2009 X14 from a local auction. Due to the heavy rains we had been having the inside was full of water and no one had pulled the plug to let it drain. I looked it over, the hull is near perfect. Missing a few things, like one section of seat, the center floor over the KGB tank, lastly the wake tower, and the key wouldn't power on anything due to a dead battery.

Since the "core" was there, I decided to buy it, took it home, pulled the drain plug and started inspecting and realized something very wrong. I believe the boat had been sunk and the rain water inside hid the sediment in the bilge.

The more I tinkered the more I saw signs of someone else giving up on this boat, and probably why it was at the auction. Oil was fine, trans oil/gear was fine, none had water in them.

I also discovered the fuel pump was missing and the tank was completely full of water.

Researched the fuel pump, wow, over $800 and on back order. I ended up designing my own (more on that later), siphoned the water out of the tank, hooked up batterie, turned key on, nothing. Gauges seemed to work, as they would sweep like you'd expect and the VDIG LCD came to life. It stopped there, though, the key did nothing else, not even cranking the starter. I manually jumped the starter, nothing, so pulled it out, and holy crap it was basically rusted solid. It didn't matter, though, because the relay didn't kick on anyway.

Replaced the started, hooked up a compression gauge and jumped the starter, all cylinders looked really good, so I started chasing wires, tested the kill switch, still nothing. Checked the fuses, relays (manually activating) and all things checked out, but I don't have the fuse cover, so no clue what's what. From past automotive experience, it felt like a bad ground, so I chased all grounds, they looked good, but I had no clue what's what on the ECM or cannon plugs.

As many of you have pointed out, finding a service manual (not owner's manual) isn't easy. On a whim, I emailed both mastercraft & indmar, asking to purchase a service manual for my boat. The badass folks at Indmar emailed me [FOR FREE] the wiring diagram, t-shooting guide, and a couple other things.

From there, I traced wires, found poor/broken connections in the cannon plugs, which luckily I have the tools to disassemble & repair, and oddly enough, some fuse female connectors inside the fuse block were so corroded, they wouldn't connect. I removed every wire, cleaned each lead, and coated in anti-oxidation grease, and boom! Key-on energized the ECM, sensors, ignition module, and spun up my DIY fuel pump assembly.

Okay, so before starting, I hooked up a fuel injector cleaner and manual oil pressure gauge at the distributor tap. It took a little cranking, but it fired up, idled down, died, kept it going and eventually it fired up, idled & ran! Since I didn't have water, I didn't run it long, but had oil pressure almost immediately.

Hooked up water to the fresh water pump, turned the hose on, water circulated through fine and out the exhaust, as it should. Hooked up my fuel pump, boat fired up, idled, clicked into forward for a sec, output shaft spun, hit neutral and waited for it to stop, and tested reverse and it worked.

From there, I let it run so the thermostat could cycle, it sounded good, great throttle response, and all gauges worked perfectly!

I cannot explain how elated this made me. I seriously questioned my decision to buy it, literally didn't sleep for months because I was so stressed out, spending the amount of money I did on a glorified anchor.

**EDIT 2021-06-10**
Adding the google photos album here so it's included in the first post:


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Old 05-28-2021, 11:32 AM
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Since I didn't even have the housing for the fuel pump, I started from scratch with nothing, only the pigtail coming from the harness for power & ground. I couldn't simply replace the pump inside the other housing, so I looked at the new pump design.

The new pump is a dual pump design with a reverse Y, so two pumps into one outlet. Needs to have decent flow and higher pressure. The 99-04 Ford lightning has a 5.4L supercharged V8, which requires high flow & pressure, and that assembly is a dual pump with Y design.

I searched around and they're actually really cheap, and serviceable if you want to replace the actual pump to a walbro or something. Step one was remove the sending unit off of it and throw it in the trash, then measure depth in the fuel tank. Not much had to come off the assembly, maybe 2 inches, or so, I don't recall exactly. Cut it, removed some material and brazed it back together. The top of the pump diameter is actually narrower than the opening of the fuel tank, but luckily I know a guy at a metal cutting shop and sent him the specs to make me an aluminum "donut". I also had to shorten some of the rubber lines inside between the pumps & the Y, and from the Y to the hard line going out. I used stainless steel solid fuel pump hose clamps for that job.

Now, this fuel pump is designed for a return from the external fuel pressure regulator, and has the return tube I had to also trim to length. That aspect is probably raising some flags as you're reading this, since our boats' pumps are all internally regulated. Conveniently enough, the C6 Corvette uses a fuel filter & FPR integrated into one piece, regulated at like 59 psi (google says 55-60 psi), so I ordered one for a 2006 vette, also REALLY cheap.

Now that I have the pump & FPR, I needed to make some lines to connect it all up, which I got some AN fittings & steel braided lines, cut to length and connected it all up. One minor issue is since the filter/FPR is external, I need a place to mount it. Well, since I had to make the "donut" to adapt the pump to the tank, I could bolt it to that donut, right? Well, no, that was the plan, but I learned that blocks a few tank mounting screws, so it'll get hard mounted when the pump is mounted in the tank.

Since I found the harness in that fuel pump thread, I ordered it and spliced it onto the pump, effectively replacing the Ford plug with the mastercraft plug. I cut, stripped, soldered, heat shrinked everything, as well as hooked up the internal ground to the housing inside the tank. And the FPR has a ground strap, so the entire thing is grounded properly.

I had a [non-mechanical] friend make fun of me for doing this, but he's very much the "something's wrong, I'm taking it to the dealer" type, which is fine. I'm extremely fortunate to have grown up with a dad who is a mechanic, and even more fortunate that he's still around to help me on this endeavor.

There are a couple caveats: The outlet side of the filter/FPR is female, and the fuel line is also female, so I had to make a gender bender (probably not PC anymore, lol) to adapt those together. There's no vent. That's easy enough, I'm going to drill a hole and install a hose fitting with a backing nut for the vent and just get a longer piece of host to make sure length is correct.

For the gasket, I got the square sheet at Autozone, measured to fit the donut and used screws from the inside going out to the outside of the pump so they're sealed from the inside with the button-head screw on the gasket material, with lock nuts on the outside securing the pump assembly to the donut with the factory rubber gasket for the Ford pump & tank.

The result is a dual pump setup with an external fuel filter & regulator that can be serviced, on top of the pickup screens in the tank.

Now, one final step, since I went from single pump to dual pump, what impact does that have on current? The factory fuse is 20a, so I fully expected to still be under that. I have the meter that plugs into the fuse and allows you to see current current (heh) as well as peak current. The max current draw it saw was 11.1 amps. Mind you, this isn't after an entire day at the lake with the pumps in the tank getting warm. I'm sure current draw will increase, but this is the key reason to not run your tanks low on fuel. Most of you know this already, y'all get it.

So, parts list:
fuel pump from a 99-04 Ford lightning
filter/regulator from a 2006 corvette
wiring harness plug
various AN fittings
three feet of steel braided fuel hose

Primed it several times, checked for leaks, both inside where I installed those stainless hose clamps, as well as outside on my AN fittings. I didn't see any leaks, and I could hear the return line pushing air out as it filled the filter & FPR. After that, I hit the started, and boom, it fired right up! Purred like a kitten.

Man, when I say I was ecstatic, I'm sure I grinned for hours after hearing that thing run for the first time.

I added rubber hose over top the steel braided because they will bounce around and wanted to protect anything they come in contact with. Once everything is buttoned up and ready to go, I'll make sure lines are secured with heavy duty zip ties or cable ties.
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That is a great news story. I'd like to pick your brain about your experience with chasing down a bad ground. I have a 2002 X30 that has run flawless for 18 years (I am the original owner). Since the end of last summer, I've had a ground issue and I can not find it.

Who did you email at Indmar to get the wiring diagram, t-shooting guide? I did find one bad ground in one of the cannon plugs under the dash (10 AWG wire). I replaced that but the problem is still there.

My voltage gauge in the dash is bleeding off voltage as the boat is running.


Maybe we could move this conversation to private messages?
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Old 05-28-2021, 11:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Cougar694u View Post
[fuel pump placeholder]
i assume also youve seen the super long thread on early-mid 2000s era fuel pump modules?


curious to see what you came up with though!
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Old 05-28-2021, 12:09 PM
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So cool and great job!

I'm excited to follow your progress to getting this boat on the water-
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Old 05-28-2021, 01:45 PM
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Cant wait for some pictures of the x14 on the water!
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Old 05-28-2021, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by carlsonwa View Post
Cant wait for some pictures of the x14 on the water!
Heck, I want to see pictures of the before water test. Sounds like a great project that OP is going to get the sweat equity ROI.
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Old 05-28-2021, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by ValveCoverGasket View Post
i assume also youve seen the super long thread on early-mid 2000s era fuel pump modules?


curious to see what you came up with though!
Yes, I did, actually, and is where I found the wiring harness. I linked it to some people later in the pages after I found it buried in there
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Old 05-28-2021, 03:37 PM
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As an X14 owner I am excited to see pictures of this boat as well. And it sounds like the poor girl had the right person to revive her. Great job on the work so far!!
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Old 05-28-2021, 04:17 PM
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This is great stuff. Iím a new (old) x14 owner myself so I understand your excitement! TT is a huge asset. There is an x14 owner thread and folks there are super helpful. Post. Pix. Please. Iím a sucker for before and afters. You have a diamond in the rough and everyone here is here to help your story have a happy ending!

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