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Originally Posted by Culler__boy View Post
Quick question I have a 1993 prostar 205 and I bent my prop yesterday and wondering what to get for mine
Look on the face of the hub of the OEM prop. It will have all of the information you need.

You'll need to say what diameter drive shaft you have before someone could say what size prop. I think your 93 has a 1" diameter shaft. Please confirm.

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What Prop came factory on 95 Prosport 205?

Call Eric at OJ. For a new CNC prop and have them re do you old one to keep as a spare.
Its probably a 13x13 unless powerslot transmission.

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I have a 1993 prostar 205 and I bent my prop yesterday and wondering what to get
Assuming a 1:1 Velvet Drive tranny, your OEM prop is probably a 13x13 LH three blade. I would recommend a 13x12 CNC three blade prop from OJ or Acme. Since I run at almost 5000 feet I use a 13x11.5 prop on my '92 PS205, and it's great! It has a tremendous hole shot, top speed is 43 mph, even at this altitude. Prop wash doesn't matter to me, because I'm behind the boat for only 0.1 sec at a time.
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