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Trailer Jack

Thought I did a write up on this, but guess not. I fought my stupid trailer jack for years. The factory jack was in a horrible location and it, frankly, was never up to the task. I blew my back out more than once fighting that god-awful jack. I bought a tall, over rated (weight rating) jack from Dutton-Laison several years back. I planned on making a plate to use at the original location. The more I thought about it, and the more I fought the factory jack while trying to figure out a way to mount it, I decided I was going to simply mount it on the tongue, as designed. Glad I did. Obviously being further out on the trailer aids in cranking the jack and you don't have to stoop to crank it due to the hull location (countless head bonks on the hull due to the location of the factory jack). Been using it for a few years now and I nearly snicker every time I hookup/ unhook the trailer. I can stand straight up and the boat cranks up with merely my thumb and forefinger pinching the handle (with the old jack I had to grab and crank and heave like I was a Greek captive rowing in the belly of an large oar ship -I was just missing the drummer to help keep time). Not as clean an installation as the original jack, but I could give a rat's arse about that. Just thought I'd share as it's been a few years and this thing just rocks (and was dirt cheap too).

Pick your US-made poison: https://www.dutton-lainson.com/products.php?cat=35
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Glad it is working out for ya

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