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Old 05-11-2021, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Sully_6 View Post
I am trying to upload pics but keep getting an error, I apologize for that!
My guess is that you need to resize the photo. The Stingies here have a very small attachment file size limit.

Look closely at the Attachment Manager below the text box or the attachment upload window (near the top of the small window) and it will tell you exactly what the issue is. There is also a legend in the manager that tells acceptable file types and size limits for attaching a photo.

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Thanks guy, didnít realize I could resize once selected.
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Old Yesterday, 02:51 PM
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Started to go through all my wiring, I am wanting to clean it up, organize it and understand where everything is, and where itís going. This project is making me get ocd.

I have removed wiring that was not in use from old speakers, and amplifiers (previous owner just let em hanging) Iíve started removing old light wiring, and now I am working on my ballast switches. I canít seem to understand how the switches are wired up, each switch apparently runs two separate aerator pumps, one for fill and one for empty. each pump has two wires going into it, but each switch has 3 wires and a jumper to the breaker next to the switch. Obviously it needs power and ground which I can only assume ties into wiring in the dash. But where are the two wires from each pump? Is there a relay of some sort under the dash? Iím frustrated at the mess of wires under the dash/ throughout the boat and all of the plastic tubing that each bundle is in and since I have no wiring schematic I am having to trace it all out.

My plan is to take all switches that are already in the boat and run the wiring in a way that I can easily access or trace out a problem and eliminate all of the splices and stuff like that for my bilge pump, lights, blower, and accessories and also swap my gauges to analog.
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