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Old 05-26-2021, 08:52 AM
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Focus first only the breach of written and paid contract (receipted contract) for INDOOR STORAGE.

Inform the storage place by email and cert mail that the contract was breached. The breach resulted in unknown, possibly long term, degradation of electrical components, and environmental health concerns regarding mold. The issue of other boats stored outside is of no concern to you because YOU DON'T OWN OTHER BOATS.

Proceed with your insurance company to subrogate, restore your boat and inspect, and put said insurance companies attorneys to work to recover the money from the storage place. Insurance companies work for their customers or else shouldn't the insurance be free?

Best of luck. My dad stored his 78 Sea Ray SRV 200 in enclosed storage every winter and with a good canvas cover the boat never saw mold and kept the original vinyl for over 40 years.


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Old 05-26-2021, 06:18 PM
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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the awesome feedback - this has been the only positive part of this entire experience.

I agree with pretty much everything here...
Yup, contract - same guy as last two years, winterize and indoor heated storage.
Yup, would LOVE a replacement... but am realistic that this will not happen.
Yup, plug should have been out (shop is 1 mile from our launch, so pulled the boat and trailered directly into his yard - winterize last two years included removing plugs).
Yup, he might be trying to side-step responsibility - - I'll give him a chance to help make this right. Well, as "right" as possible now... still can't believe my beauty is in such shape.

I've got the inspection at our local MC dealer for Tuesday. I'll learn what I learn then. Have already reached out to my ins. broker - who happens to be my brother and is awesome... +20 yrs running a brokerage.

Question - to really clean this thing, side cushions need to come out - can those be removed (I've removed some - but the sides might be unreachable, are those put in before the shell is complete?)?

Thanks again everyone... owe you all a brewski.
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Old 05-27-2021, 01:20 AM
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I guess I would need to see pics of this boat looking all minty. It looks like crap now but how do I know what it looked like when it was dropped off?

If it looked like new I'd tell this idiot he just bought a boat.
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Old 06-04-2021, 09:58 AM
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Our local MC dealer has inspected the boat and reports zero evidence of a freeze.

Mechanical is 100%, lake-test solid, ballast good. Electrical survived the event and is fine - but naturally they can't guess what to expect long term. No corrosion on pins, boards or connectors.

They noted remaining mold on hoses, scum on harnesses, tanks etc and surface corrosion on a bolts here and there - but said it is not as bad as they find in many boats. They added that above deck - it's one of the cleanest boats they've seen. I still want to take out the seats and clean - but that can be picked away at now that I'm in-front of the problem.

So, with no immediate damage present, next is to discuss cleaning under deck and hoses with the dude. I'll be drying the engine compartment and bilge after every outing to keep the moisture out - and that should keep things under control this summer.

Thanks again everyone for the feedback on this! If anything new happens with it I'll update the thread so it sits here for reference.
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