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Old 09-11-2019, 10:18 AM
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I was out waterskiing that morning before work… I came off the [public] lake, was driving across the dam… I turned the radio on and I could not believe what I was hearing… Surely it had to be a joke the radio jocks were playing… I turned the station, and they too were talking about it… To this day, that dam road has been closed as a security thing, I may have been one of the very last people to have ever crossed it. It was by far the worst day in American history and has affected all of us in some way ever since.
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Old 09-11-2019, 10:20 AM
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This is the twitter of the WH Press Secretary under Bush on 9/11. He is live tweeting this events of that morning, and it is riveting. Follow along: https://twitter.com/AriFleischer
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Old 09-11-2019, 10:37 AM
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Second year of law school at Alabama. All classes were cancelled and they moved a big screen into the lobby. No one moved for hours. My wife was flying back from France and was re-routed to a base in Canada, where she stayed for several days. Never forget.
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Old 09-11-2019, 11:11 AM
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closing the purchase of a car dealership by a client in Iowa. My wife called in tears because she lost 67 co workers in the south tower and was on the phone with them when the impact occurred trying to get them to leave the building
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Old 09-11-2019, 11:39 AM
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I wasn't too far away from your location...

I was working at Roadway Express in Akron and walking to give a presentation in the main auditorium. Interestingly, at about the time (08:55am) flight 77 was hijacked as it was over Ohio, we had a significant power outage that affected the datacenter and all of our services. So we immediately abandoned the presentation and went to DR mode. Because of that we were all very inwardly focused for the next few hours and while we heard of some potential news, we didn't really know anything until over two hours later when things had already unfolded.

As much as this is something that we think about each year, it really hit me last night as a I read a statement that, 18 years ago, over 3000 people were eating their last dinner with their family not knowing what would happen to them the following morning.

Now I work in NYC and the 9/11 memorial is just blocks from my office. Those I work with lived through this in a much more intimate manner and have stories that are extraordinary.

Originally Posted by Double D View Post
On this day of terror back in 2001, you will never forget where you were when it happened.

I was working in my office in Akron, Ohio and my co-worker heard it over the radio. We turned on the 10" B&W TV in the break room and stood there stunned for the next three hours. My boss allowed us to go home that day and we spent the rest of the day watching the news and I remember looking into the sky that afternoon and hearing nothing......



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I was in my office. I was a stockbroker and my office was located over the Toronto Stock Exchange. I had CNBC on and will always remember just how bright and blue the ski was that day. One of our firm's capital markets guys was in the towers for meetings that day. I had a number of bond brokers from Cantor Fitgerald's Toronto office as clients. They were on a conference call with the New York office when the first plane hit, and the phone went dead.

Intitially the stock exchange in Toronto opened, but was closed an hour later and all of the trades cancelled once the scope of what happened became more clear. our firm sent everyone home shortly after that.
I spent the rest of the day at home watching the news coverage in horror as the towers collapsed.
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Old 09-11-2019, 10:37 PM
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In a project team meeting for a manufacturing plant we were designing....phones started buzzing when tower 2 got hit....we adjourned to the nearest tv

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Old 09-12-2019, 01:33 AM
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I was in a meeting in rural Thabazimbi, South Africa.

- by the time I found out that day, it was all
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Old 09-12-2019, 07:18 AM
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I was at the Domino's Pizza HQ in the data center. Someone had switched the monitors over to a news station that had started covering the event. At that time everyone thought it was a horrible accident. We were still watching the now live coverage when the second plane hit. Everyone in the room was just stunned.

After that we basically shut down our ops for the day and went home to be with our families.
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