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Old 08-25-2019, 05:35 AM
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2006 X1

So I’m thinking about selling my 2006 X1. Everything works as expected. Here are the particulars:

1720 hours (yes, really)

RPT-1 motor in great shape, lots of power, starts every time
Hard Tanks replaced by 440lb sacks
Custom Panel stiffeners
KGB Ballast + Wakemakers piggyback system
Dual batteries with a Bluesea battery isolator
Keyless ignition
Fusion UD750 stereo w/remote
JL Audio Amps (for all speakers)
Roswell Neptune 8 speakers w/LED rings
Custom Teak Swim deck (doesn’t interfere with wake)
New vinyl on the sun deck and all benches in the cockpit
Bimini is in great shape (but the boot is faded)

Matching single axle trailer w/no rust, good brakes, and new wiring/LEDs all around
Fiberglass fenders are in great shape
Hubs hold oil (no leaks)

The not so good:
Carpet is usable, but has seen better days
Vinyl in the bow is cracking
From 10’ away, the gel coat looks good, but there are plenty of spider cracks (typical of a high hour boat)
Cover is functional but not pretty

Old give the boat the following grades:
Electrical systems: 10/10
Ballast Systems: 10/10
Mechanical Systems: 7.5/10
Appearance: 5.5/10

Sorry, no pics to share which makes it hard to answer my question below, but I’ll grab some and get them up.

I’m hoping to get $22k, am I insane?

2006 X-1 Pumpkin Orange SOLD
2013 X25 Black, Green & Orange
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Old 08-25-2019, 09:37 AM
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Personally, with the hours, motor, and single axle trailer, I think you would be lucky to get $20k. The only reason someone would buy a 1700 hour boat over one with fewer hours is overall condition and appearance is substantially better, and unfortunately that’s admittedly the worst part of your bot.
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Old 08-25-2019, 09:37 AM
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Without pictures to see it's impossible to make any kind of determination. Even with pictures boats typically look better in the picture than in person. That said anything is worth only what someone is willing to pay for it and the only way to find out would be to list it. You're always better off being truthful in the listing so I thing you're off to a good start in the process of moving the boat with realistic expectations.

So if we say a cream puff with say 500 hours would be worth say $32K. Lets do some reverse math and see what it might be worth through that process.

At 1700 hours I personally would consider the engine a liability. Yeah sure some people say they'll go 3000 hours but you never see them buying a high hour boat do you. So an engine is going to be let's call it $6K. We're now at $26K.

I obviously can't see the interior or how well the new cushions were done but I would suspect that the interior is miss matched and you also have other cushions that need repair. The cream puff is in great shape no rips, tears, stains and still looks almost new. Sorry but you're going to need an interior to keep up with this boat. Here, where I live that's going to cost you $5K - $6K. Let's go easy and say $5K. We're now at $21K.

I've seen plenty of high hour boat without tons of stress cracks and plenty of low hour boats with plenty of stress cracks. The thing both typically have in common is stress. It's clear that you've slammed the boat with all the added ballast you've listed and that's fine, it's your boat and you used it the way you wanted. I do suspect though that this has also contributed to it's appearance/condition. This would be a red glowing, flashing, bright lit flag for me to stay away, but that's me. Maybe others will be fine with it. Regardless if we're once again comparing this with the cream puff an adjustment would need to be made. A $4K budget at a good fiberglass shop would probably do miracles in repairing the cracks and bringing the hull back in shape. So with my method we're at $17K.

You say the trailer is in great shape so we'll leave it at that.

So using my method the boat is probably worth between $17K - $20K. At least that's what I would be advising someone if I was helping them buy a boat. But honestly if the stress cracks are like you say I'd be pulling them back in the car to go look at another boat.

You can put the boat up as is and see what happens or see what at least refreshing up the hull would cost then take a run at it. You only get one chance to make that first impression and that hull is going to be the first thing they see. That will set the tone for the rest of the inspection which will undoubtedly turn up other areas of concern you may not even be aware of.

But these are just my thoughts, who knows I could be completely wrong.
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Old 08-25-2019, 09:56 AM
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Insane in the membrane
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Old 08-27-2019, 04:06 PM
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i got a similar x1 with 2300 hours and cant even get people to call me back for 15k just saying...
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