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Old 04-15-2021, 05:53 PM
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Steps to troubleshoot ballast timer/pump issues X1

Hey all, I've been reading as many of the old threads as I can find on ballast timer issues on some of the older MCs. My X1 is misbehaving, and I'd just like to talk through the troubleshooting since electrical work is really not my strong suit. I'm planning to eventually send the timers out for reprogramming, but I want to be sure nothing is broken first.

When I hit the fill switches, I can hear what sounds like the relays firing, and then I get the double blink. Sometimes the rear starboard pump will fire, but not consistently. The lights on the switches also don't always represent what I'm telling them. Like if I hit Fill, the Empty might light up. I looked at the impellers (yellow) and they look fine. I can turn the pumps by hand without any trouble. I also double checked that the breakers aren't thrown.

These are the steps I'm planning to take:

1) Jump 12V to the pumps to see if they run
2) Check for 12V at the pump harness when switches are turned on
3) Check for 12V to the ballast brain box

Are there any other steps I need to follow? If all checks out, then should I expect reprogramming to fix the problem? I'm assuming the unexpected light positions is an issue with the brain box, but I really don't know. I'm pretty new to this system.
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