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We have had a rash of people using the MasterCraft logo or trademarked symbols to create items for sale. MasterCraft spends an inordinate amount of money both through product development and marketing to create superior value for that name. As such, we have begun an aggressive campaign to protect all intellectual property that belongs to this company, including use of our name, logos and marks.

We ask that everyone here please respect the fact that the MasterCraft name, logo and associated marks (like the shield) are registered trademarks which makes them our property. As such, only through a licensing agreement with us, can anyone use those marks to sell product with the name, logo or symbols of MasterCraft on it. Those who choose to pretend as though our name and its registered marks are public domain will be under risk of being contacted by our attorneys and having to pay a licensing fee on all items sold.

Again, we ask for your cooperation and respect in regards to this issue.



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