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Old 08-29-2018, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by bturner2 View Post
Or buy one in excellent condition with 362 hours for what you'll have into that one.....


Or this one....


Or here's one that needs work but it's running and the owner is looking to make a deal....


Here's an excellent 93 Starts and Stripes with 500 hours asking $10K...


Point here is that unless you're looking for a hobby you'll have a very hard time making that boat anything close to say that Starts and Stripes above for $10K all in. And with that one all you need to do is turn the key to use it tomorrow.
This ^^^^

Unless you're just wanting to restore a boat, just buy one ready to go!

Oh, and to the op on your original post, really sounds like a $2-3k boat tops.... And the knocking is likely a result of the bad temp gauge. For anyone listening, never ever operate a engine without a working oil pressure gauge or temp gauge!!! Those are the two minimums....

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Old 08-29-2018, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Hawgdriver View Post
Itís in Spring Branch, Tx.
Message me if interested!
Ya that's outside of the travel radius for me and boats. By the time I do the 22 hour drive down, and then trailer what would be another 24 hour drive back, consuming over 1000$ of fuel in the truck... Plus the risk of trailer breakdown on the road its just a no go.

But I am very actively looking for a 91-94 on a factory MC trailer.

I have a very clean 94, and I don't have MCOCD - so I want to make myself a swamp buggy of a 91-94 ski boat. I know that probably drives people on here nuts to say, but I like jumping off the engine cover, and sitting on the back of the drivers seat, and sometimes we like to beach! And I can do none of this with my 94. Also I've got a pretty solid aftermarket trailer that just doesn't meet with MCOCD needs. So I'm looking for a "matched pair" to switch around.
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This was a quick Craig's List search in the area I would typically search. You can probably find similar results just about anywhere in the country or within at an 8 hour drive. It was also primarily intended for the OP to illustrate how to quickly determine the value of a boat that needs work and the cost associated with rebuilding versus buying in excellent condition.

While your use case is different than what I would ever do, that's fine, however the basic principles still apply on how to evaluate a boat and not get burned but perhaps on a different level. The one in GR with the worn out interior would be an example for your use case. The boat still runs, the hull is still solid and you could minimizing risk/cost by purchasing a boat you could test drive and perform diagnostics on.

On the trailer... that's going to be tough. A trashed boat typically domes with a trailer in ever worse condition. If the owner is not willing to take care of the boat, it's a pretty safe bet the trailer has even less care.

I see boats like these in almost every city I travel to for work. Just takes some time, patience and willingness to drive to get it.
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