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Old 09-27-2012, 01:17 PM
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Originally Posted by rjracin240 View Post
Very cool and inspirational to me to get my 88 190 done. Found the same questions regarding the water under the bilge pump on my boat, tried vacuuming it out as best I could. Following along with your repair and removing a layer of foam....what foam did you use to replace it with?
Also interested in your windshield work, when I pulled out my windshield found it very difficult to go back, had to warm the old rubber with a steam gun used for removing tint to make the rubber pliable enough to allow the re-installation of the windshield.

Keep the story coming along with the pictures, very interesting.
I used an evercoat sealant spray thus far. It was advertised as having use in as flotation foam, and it say waterproof, Im not sure if I completely believe that. I think Im gonna get a 2 part foam from us composites. Its a mix and pour kind. I'll use it in the areas where I cut large holes in the floor. Once set, I'll trim it to be flush and level, I'll pour epoxy on top and glue the cut out floor on top. Then fill the join, and glass over top. Figure that should work pretty well. My original idea was to just take the foam out, and install a draim plug, but that would more complicated as there are ribs that run the full length of the floor. So removing the foam would allow water to sit in the individual tunnels between the ribs. My hope is that I'll have the area sealed to the point that at least for the next 20 years there wont be an issue with the foam . Id consider the restoration a success if that occurs.

As far as the windshield. My rubber pieces are quite pliable, I dont anticipate an issue installing it. My bigger concern is finding a source for the stainless fasteners that hold the windshield in place.
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