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Old 07-18-2019, 11:33 PM
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Hmmm. I didn't see this thread until now. Still for sale?

Originally Posted by Maristar210 View Post
Looks like JohnE's old boat?
Definitely my old boat, but your pic is of my '08, which was almost identical to my '09.

Originally Posted by h20skier2 View Post
Yes, it is. Great photo when it was brand new. Iím the third owner.
Your first photo is my photo, lol.

Originally Posted by SaltwaterMC View Post
Is that an optional jump seat on the port side next to the motor box? I've never seen one of those before on an X14. If it is, how is it secured when in use and is there a functional purpose (aside from making it easier to store) of what appears to be a folding backrest?

Originally Posted by h20skier2 View Post
Yes, it is an optional jump seat. I honestly have never used it. It came from the factory and is brand new. It just snaps in, not much more function except one more seat but I usually only have about 6 people/kids onboard so it's not an issue. The couch on the other side is the preferred lounge seat behind the cockpit. It's such an amazing boat.
Yea, not very functional, IMO. The jump seat goes in front of the rear wrap-around bench. It's a cool idea, but that is where I would often put the cooler, which was convenient and did extend the seating, sort of.
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Old 07-19-2019, 12:11 AM
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Originally Posted by h20skier2 View Post
Nice! Yea, it is such a great boat. I had a small transmission leak so I had the transmission rebuilt and the drive shaft repacked so it is nice and tight. The ballast system is all redone and works perfect too; I put a brand new pump in the center ballast.
Make sure you install this pump so the impeller is down/ near the hull. The way the water sits in the bilge this pump has a high chance to sit in water and thus get rust build up and ruin the bearing.

Replaced this same pump on my x-14 and it was a mess inside. Couldnít believe it was still working... barely. Flipped it over when installed and now donít have to worry about same failure.

Also GLWS. Love my x-14! Only wished it surfed better... but the more I ski the less I care about surfing
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Old 07-22-2019, 01:59 PM
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Thatís great guidance on the ballast pump, thanks!

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