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Originally Posted by wilkiesc View Post
In between wet sands which I try to avoid given age of my boat, I use "Mary Kate's on and off". Stuff is magic but also very abrasive to anything not fiberglass including trailer, rubber and skin. Give it a look
I mean the stuff isn't abrasive at all - its just straight up Acid.

For the same reason that people will use straight Vinegar to clean water spots any Acid will clean fiberglass of scum and mineral staining. It will also eat pretty much anything that's not.

Marykate appears to be about 40% by weight of Acid in about 60% water with a small amount of surfactant. It costs ~20-30$/Gallon. Muriatic acid diluted to roughly the same concentration is available at your local hardware store for <6$/Gallon - used to prep concrete for staining, or to acidify your swimming pool.

Point being - you pay a lot of money for anything labelled hull cleaner.

Good detail on that porter cable - the 3.5" pad might have sold me, I've been looking for a pneumatic because I store on the lift and I'd love to run some air hoses down to a pony tank on the dock as opposed to running electrical to me standing on my lift.
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