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Old 09-14-2021, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeyTango View Post
Just realized I brought this boat home one year ago today. Hoping I only have 6-7 months to go…
Its been a year, but you have done a hell of a lot of work!! Keep it up, it looks great!
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Old 09-14-2021, 11:39 AM
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awesome project... I think he is still faster than most factory's as of late...
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Old 09-15-2021, 09:52 PM
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I previously sanded and primed the panel that covered the gas tank area (I’m sure it has a name…), but in looking closer I realized it would never be straight. Although it will normally be totally hidden by the rear seat I built, I decided it was too much of a rancid piece of monkey crap for me to keep, and knowing it was back there looking terrible would always bug me. So I decided to experiment with making a new piece.

Name:  F81A4DA4-AF88-44E4-B95F-4EDF9EBAAF90.jpeg
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Name:  D9A659D8-A9C4-43F5-9164-DA3D560E1B4D.jpeg
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In measuring around on the original, I found it to be very asymmetrical. I traced it onto a fresh piece of plywood and then got the curves I wanted on one end, cut it and used the scrap as a template to make the other end the same shape. The second pic directly below is the shape being transferred and the third pic is a test fit after the cut.

Name:  AF3A22EE-6DC3-40B3-8A76-7CD9B22CD8A6.jpeg
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Name:  8D374945-F6C6-4E08-9574-7A610B8BA9C0.jpeg
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Sanded, epoxied and a piece of glass cloth epoxied on, it’s now curing. I had some lightweight fabric left from a floor project I did 20 years ago on a Sea Ray (my first boat) so it’s a low cost, quick experiment (two beer job), but hopefully it works and I can sand, smooth and gelcoat this piece and feel better about it.

Name:  2E12FD55-940F-4B5D-AA9E-752B2216053B.jpeg
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Mrs. WT had encouraged me to throw the observer’s seat in the dumpster and make something less craptacular, which, because I’m stubborn, I took as a challenge.

I only seem to have a couple of “early / before” pics on my phone, but it had several cracks, holes and warped areas.

After lots of repair, glassing, sanding, filling and two laps of primer and final sanding, it’s nearly ready for paint.

In retrospect, she was probably right (as usual) and it might have been easier to make a replacement.

Glad to have this piece (mostly) behind me.
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Looks good.

I did the same thing a while back. Patched and scabbed an old seat base and made it work.

I cut the back out (as well) to get into the under deck area.

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You have mad skills, nice upgrade. I always liked that seat design since it can hold 3 people. Never cared for the straight one on later models.
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