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In a Corvette this engine runs up to 228 degrees before the fans turn on
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Originally Posted by Jorski View Post
In a Corvette this engine runs up to 228 degrees before the fans turn on
Just for the general knowledge bank - there is a vast difference between pressurized and open loop cooling.

Plain water boils off at 212 at sea level - less at altitude.
Pressure on that water increases the boiling temp, but to reach 228 degrees you need about 8 lbs of pressure in the system.

A corvette has both pressure (probably a 15 lb system) and Antifreeze - assuming 15 lbs and 50-50 antifreeze water mix that coolant should remain "liquid" to at least 260 degrees.

But you also have to remember - the temperature is not the temperature everywhere in the system, it is the temperature at the fan switch/coolant temperature sensor. It can be way hotter in pockets so you have to have a safety margin such that there is no world in which you reach "boiling" anywhere in the system as that boiling water doesn't cool the engine and can form air pockets leading to overheating.
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I have a 93 LT1 with the same high mounted alternator bracket @jersydave has pictured in Post 62. No overheating to date. I was about to do this fix as a preventative measure. I pulled the bracket and it appears to me that to drill a hole where the plug is in the front of the head will compromise the bracket's structural integrity. Has anyone done this fix on an early LT1 with the high mount alternator bracket.
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