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Old 08-17-2017, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by bturner2 View Post
This has been an issue off/on for years. I believe MC subs this out to various promotional companies who then come up with the designs that totally miss the mark of the target audience since the people coming up with the stuff probably live in New York and have never been on a ski boat in their life (at least that's the result most times).

Next said company (that paid a fortune for the rights to produce the swag) comes up with bunch of cheap quality T shirts, trucker hats and other assorted gear that miss the mark and try to sell it at a profit. To do that they have to charge more than the going price for the gear to pay MC their share. This ends up pricing it out of what would be considered reasonable. Most times the actual product looks to be priced in line with what one would expect until you see the shipping and handling charges which are insane to make up the profit margin (I mean really, $10 to ship a $15 T shirt?).

It's too bad as there was a time when MC handled creating and selling their own swag. The selection was limited but the quality and pricing were there. At one time they also had the MasterCraft Club that you could join for something like $20. That would get you a T shirt, some stickers and something like either a license plate frame or a soft sided cooler.
This is the truth! Just Keep missing the mark and the products have no interest to anyone I know.

Our lake is 95% MC boats and just this weekend my company asked me why we have a rule you have to own a MC to be on the lake. I laughed and said it's no rule we just like the best boats we can get. ...... Point here is even in a hard core MC fan based lake I still don't see any swag from "The Craft" on any of our neighbors because they don't like the offerings and don't see the value in a anything the offer.

Anybody at MC listening?
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Old 08-17-2017, 04:05 PM
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I did buy a couple of shirts from the craft last time they had a free shipping or something sale about a month ago. being a bigger guy they did have some bigger shirts, And the shirts were nice good quality. Got a trucker hat just because but i did not identify with the logo at all.

Keep up the work on some of the larger sizes.
Maybe some model specific gear. or at least x, xt, prostar, x-star, NXT.
i don't know be hip with out having to take a 3rd mortgage on the house cause the boat took the 2nd mortgage.
It would be nice to get excited about something.

Most of my stuff is dealer specific, TXMC always has some stuff and I'm traveling right now and like the idea of stopping by other dealers and seeing there offerings.
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Old 08-17-2017, 07:30 PM
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The Craft is now back in house for MC as a department, we just used them for Buckeye Bash and they were awesome to deal with, Blake helped us out.

I believe the offerings will continue to evolve.
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