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Old 11-10-2018, 05:26 AM
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Issue with electronic module

Good morning everyone,

My boat had been running great the last 2 weeks, but i started noticing that whenever it rained, i would have a hard time starting the boat. Turns out I had mounted a 50 amp circuit breaker under the observer seat, which is exactly the same place where the water would run down and collect on, so it was literally getting drenched every time. I have a 1987 pro star. Well, the circuit breaker finally called it quits, but I think in the process I blew my pertronix electronic module. I ordered a new circuit breaker, but I am now not getting any spark. I had this issue recently, and it turned out to be a bad module. (before I mounted the circuit breaker in the spot its at now)

So two questions, will a short like this damage the elec module. From looking online, it seems they are pretty sensitive, and alot of people have them die on them all the time. Didnt help in my case I contributed to the issue.

I have a spare distributor with points in it, but I dont have the resistor anymore, since I removed it for the elec ignition. Can the resistor be sourced locally?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks again everyone.
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Old 11-12-2018, 08:51 AM
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I blew my pertronix electronic module.
My 26 year-old Pertronix ignition module gave up late this past season. It was preceded by erratic idling, poor starting, a surge while driving 25 mph, and generally frustrating performance. When it finally quit it happened while I was idling along in gear. It turns out that a new coil I had purchased mid-summer was bad at that same time. The mechanic told me that "sometimes a bad coil will damage the module, and sometimes a bad module will damage the coil". I have a hard time trying to understand that. At any rate, they were both bad, both were replaced, and now the boat runs great.

I don't know how water dripping on your 50 amp circuit breaker would have any effect on the module. I don't think you need a resistor with an electronic ignition.
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